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The Value of Ideation for an Enterprising Non-profit
by Jonathan Wade
on February 24, 2014

credit: ddpavumba @freedigitalphotos.net


“What business should we operate?”

Is your organization thinking about launching an enterprise? Jonathan Wade explains the importance of ideation in pursuing that goal - and shares some of the challenges and benefits every enterprising non-profit can expect.


The Social Impact Bond: Potential and pitfalls
by Jonathan Wade
on February 02, 2014

social Impact bonds diagram


Shifting the risk of social value creation to private investors


There is currently much discussion about the Social Impact Bond as an innovative tool to generate financing for social enterprises. Anyone who has tried to start a social enterprise—a business that exists for the primary purpose of addressing a social need—knows that it is challenging to find the financial resources to start operations.


This financing challenge is even more acute in nonprofit organizations, where there may be little collateral, nobody to guarantee a loan, and little, if any, operational reserves.


What’s all the Buzz about B Corps?
by Denise Deby
on December 15, 2013

B Corp B The Change logo

Ever since Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company began making craft beer seven years ago, they’ve used organic ingredients, followed eco-friendly practices and supported community causes. The Vankleek Hill, Ontario-based business announced in October that it had taken its commitment to sustainability further by becoming Canada’s first B Corp certified brewery.


Why Haiti's Answer May Lie in Clinton, Collaboration and Social Entrepreneurship
by Elisa Birnbaum
on December 02, 2013

Credit: Juliana Thomas / Clinton Global Initiative

Panelists: Denis O'Brien, Sean Penn and Danielle Saint-Lot, with moderator Kathleen Matthews
Credit: Juliana Thomas / Clinton Global Initiative


Four years after the devastating earthquake hit the nation, killing 250,000 people, Haiti is still struggling to regain its footing. It is said that more than 300,000 Haitians remain in temporary shelter, criminal activity persists, cholera and other health issues are constant challenges, while the traditional red tape is an ongoing, pull-your-hair-out obstacle.


So what can explain the sense of enthusiasm that imbued the packed Haiti session I attended at the recent Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) annual meeting in New York City?


Ontario’s Social Enterprise Recipe – Proof is in the Pudding
by Verity Dimock
on November 25, 2013

chef making holiday pudding

What should we expect from the Ontario social enterprise (SE) space in 2014? It’s holiday time, so I’m going to tackle this from a food perspective. If we’re trying to judge the success of our SE recipe, “the proof of the pudding (in 2014) will be in the eating.”


Basically, our delicious looking SE dish may have been made from a great recipe, using fresh ingredients, but the actual taste is the only true criterion of success.


With that in mind, looking ahead to 2014, I’m predicting the taste of our SE dish should be a good one, thanks to several key new ingredients in this year’s recipe. Here are two we should be keeping an eye on.

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