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Grant or Government Service Contract: What is the difference?
by Jonathan Wade
on July 05, 2014

handshake credit: imagerymajestic @freedigitalphotos.net



Social enterprises, by definition, generate revenue and social value through the sale of a product or service.  At the same time, charitable programs providing social value are often funded by government grants.


But what happens when a government agency elects to HIRE the charity to fulfill a service contract? In fact, it may not be easy to see the difference between a government contract and a grant.


Find Money for Your Business by Thinking Outside the Box
by Drew Tulchin
on March 17, 2014

think outside box


Industry reports on impact investing cite lots of capital, with millions of dollars flowing into this sector each year. For those running social ventures, however, capital is hard-won. Raising money can feel like a full time job in itself.


As you fight and pinch for every dollar, getting the business off the ground and bringing your idea to the world seems to take a back seat.


RRSP for Social Good!
by Shannon Simmons
on January 29, 2014

RRSP deadline





Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to RRSP Season.



Understanding Your SROI: Why Context Matters
by Jenny Ofrim, SiMPACT Strategy Group
on January 02, 2014

photo by Danilo Rizzuti, freedigitalphotos.net

The increasing interest in using Social Return on Investment (SROI) as a way to understand and communicate the value that is created by an organization or program has led to important conversations among those who are passionate about creating change in their communities. Government ministries, foundations and corporate sponsors are looking for the social return on their investment to share with the public, donors and shareholders.


Non-profit organizations are seeking to share their outcomes with vulnerable people and the community in order to understand the scope of their impact and to make their work appealing to potential funders.


With so many parties using Social Return on Investment, a couple of challenges have emerged.


The Value of Social Enterprise
by Anne Miller, SiMPACT Strategy Group
on September 21, 2013

Image courtesy of digitalart/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Before we begin to think about what the value of social enterprise might be, we need to be clear about what social enterprise actually is. While there is no specific legal definition of a social enterprise as an entity, and there are many different potential definitions of social enterprise circulating, enterprising non-profits (enp) has identified some common definitional themes. These are: social enterprises are businesses, they have community impact and social value, and they limit or do not distribute profits and assets to individual shareholders.

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