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Why the Future of Social Change May Depend on Networks
by Kimberley Jutze
on May 29, 2014


Like many entrepreneurs I’m cautious when it comes to taking risks, which means I don’t make a habit of predicting the future.


However, I’m going to go out on a limb and state what I believe is the future of social enterprise based on my experience and identified trends: As the field grows and matures we will see a shift from social enterprises working individually and through one-off partnerships to innovate solutions to large-scale social and environmental challenges to strategically spreading the adoption of proven approaches through networks.


From Silos to SEWF: A Journey of Engagement
by Elisa Birnbaum
on October 23, 2013


SEE Change editor-in-chief Elisa Birnbaum traveled to Calgary for the much-anticipated Social Enterprise World Forum. Running from October 2nd till the 4th, the event saw over 1000 practitioners in the field of social entrepreneurship converge for a few days of inspiration, education and discourse.


In this outspoken post, Elisa shares her thoughts on the global event and its uniquely impactful resonance on the way-too-many social entrepreneurs working in the trenches, often alone.


Re-thinking Fundraising: Addressing overhead head-on
by Zach Obront
on October 15, 2013

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

There’s a fundamental tension in the way we do philanthropy. It lurks in the background, hoping not to be noticed. It’s that dreaded word: overhead.


There’s a tension between donors, who want as much of their money as possible to go to the cause, and the overhead that’s necessary to grow the organization and raise more money.


But, see, we’ve been coming at it all wrong. Low overhead isn’t a matter of getting rid of the coffee machine in the office and firing half your staff. That’s a surface solution to a much deeper problem. We need to get to the source.

Why I love failure (and why you should too)
by Nicole Zummach
on March 04, 2013

Why I love failure

I admit it. I’ve failed…a lot. I’ve made bad decisions. I’ve tried things that didn’t work out as planned. I’ve watched my efforts result in nothing. If you think I’m crazy to publicly relate this information to you, you’re not alone. A quick Google search of the word “success” yields twice the results (almost a billion) as does the term “failure”. And most of the top hits for failure are concerned with trying to avoid it at all cost. Clearly, we humans are not big fans of this F-word.

Take social entrepreneurship to scale, Mr. President
by Suzanne N. Smith
on December 04, 2012

Barack Obama

Dear Mr. President:


Congratulations on a hard-fought race for your second term as President. With your recent victory, I hope you will use your power – as a legislator, but also a bully pulpit – to broaden your agenda and take on some of our society’s most pressing issues. And, you have one thing that no other President has ever had – an army of two generations of social entrepreneurs who are fighting every day to change the landscape of education, health care, and workforce development.

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